Dr. M. R. Uma Maheswari
Dr. M. R. Uma Maheswari has been known for her committed services for more than two decades in the field of pain management through advanced physiotherapy i.e., manual therapy which is one of the important areas in pain management in the western countries. She has made it possible to the needy especially who are in pressing need of pain relief and rehabilitation. She is unique in her practice and services in terms of manual therapy and trigger point therapy. She has treated more than 40000 cases with the highest success rate.
She is a specialist for all pain related ailments irrespective of age through noninvasive management techniques.  She has been known for her practices for the past two decades in Chennai and other parts of the state. She has patients from different ailments and age group and still counting she has become a role model for the aspiring physiotherapists of the present generation.
Dr. Uma Maheswari is not only a practitioner but also a good teacher. She is delivering lectures on theme of her work and also conducts workshops training programmes for the aspirants on manual therapy, trigger point therapy, taping, ergonomics etc. She strongly believe that practice is better than preaching and do it in a different way. Sustainability of result or impact of the treatment is her success mantra – To put it right – She was quoted by Justice Kirubrakaran as – A Women with Magic Hands. Yes, starting with a baby of 9 months to a senior citizen of 90 years are all with a smile and happiness as they are relieved out of the pain. Either it may a stroke or fits or nonfunctional of sensor motions etc. she is there is to put to end to it but brings back the smile in the face permanently.