Home  >  MusculoskeletalThe specialised branch of Physiotherapy that treats health problems due to injury, illness, developmental issues or disability that affects the muscles, joints, and soft tissues is called as Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Common injuries like Muscle strains, sprains, ligament strain, cartilage tears, body pain etc can easily be treated through this method. AMOL’s Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy experts provide treatment to disorders that affect how you move – how your muscles and joints work together. When your drop in for a consultation, we will conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment, wherein, we will observe your movement and a hands-on assessment to evaluate your problem. We will take the time to explain your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that addresses the unique nature of your problem.

With our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy procedures, you will be subjected to:

  1. Hands-on mobilisation and manipulation to free up the stiffness in the muscles and joints and improve movement.
  2. Massage and stretching sessions to loosen your tight muscles and joints.
  3. Tailor-made exercise regime to strengthen your weak muscles and retrain movement.
  4. Balance and coordination exercises
  5. New and challenging exercises to progress your strength, speed, flexibility and coordination